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Equity Poker Network Catches Colluders

The Equity Poker Network has announced that it has caught a team of four colluders who were working together to take advantage of other players.

EPN said that they identified the four working together through the betting site 5Dimes, and eventually set up an investigation, which tracked the players to Full Flush Poker.

The players were found to have been dumping chimps, then attempting to withdraw thousands of dollars from the betting sites. All of those tied in with the activity have been disabled and the money returned to where it rightfully belongs.

Commenting on the matter an EPN Spokesman said, “The welfare of our players remains our number one priority, and we will not tolerate cheating or any other form of fraud occurring on EPN. We take all necessary precautions to safeguard our Network, and to protect our players and the integrity of their bankrolls. Our Fraud Team has worked diligently to identify this irregularity, and to deal with the perpetrators quickly and permanently."

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