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Colossus Bets £1,000,000 HDA15 Won

Internet sports betting operator Colossus Bets has announced that its £1,000,000 HDA15 jackpot has been won, the first win in the 8 weekends that the bet has been offered.

The staggering jackpot win is being split between 2.5 tickets, with eachfull ticket taking £200,000 and the half ticket taking home £20,000. The punters who won the prize will now have a shot at a £500,000 bonus if they can predict the outcome of a football match this week between Bradford and Barnsley.

The HDA15 ticket can be purchased for either £2 or 40p for a half ticket, which will allow them the chance to pick a series of game results.

Commenting on the win Colossus Bets CEO David O'Reilly said, “Sure lots of favourites won, but winning £20,000 for a 40p spend which one player has managed, is some feat. There was no Cash-Ins done on that ticket – maybe the player slept through the later legs on Sunday and will wake up to a pleasant surprise Monday morning!”

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