China's Lottery Sector is Growing at a Substantial Rate

Much like Macau, China's lottery sector is booming, reporting a huge amount of sales that will exceed $49 billion this year.

The country has two official lotteries, the Sports Lottery, and Welfare Lottery, whose sales are expected to beat last year's take of $49 billion. The Sports Lottery brought in $21.3 billion last year, while the Welfare Lottery brought in $27.7 billion. The drawings are expected to grow by 20.2% and 16.9% respectively.

The rate of growth for the country's lottery is huge when compared to other lottery sectors and even dwarfs the California State Lottery's 2013 sales of $5 billion.

The Chinese lottery system sees the local and national government split proceeds 50/50 after player winnings are doled out.

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