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Singapore Moves to Criminalize Online Gambling

The government of Singapore has moved to criminalize online gambling by introducing the Remote Gambling Act 2014, bringing stiff penalties to those found guilty of providing online gambling to citizens.

The bill went to the Singapore Parliament for its first reading earlier this month, the first step for a bill to become a law in the Asian nation.

If the bill is passed into law Singapore would see:

  • Measures to block citizens from accessing illegal online gambling sites including ISP blockades.

  • Criminally penalize citizens who gamble on offshore sites as well as operators who knowingly operate in the country, bringing fines of up to $300,000 and seven years in prison.

  • Block gambling advertisement and promotion within the country's boundaries.

  • Protect underage citizens from gambling by giving stiff criminal penalties to allows persons aged under 21 years to gamble.

Casino Listings will keep up on this story and will post more as the bill moves along.