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Nevada, New Jersey Discussing Shared Online Poker Pools

A day after he decreed sportsbetting to be legal in his home state, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie confirmed that he is in discussions with Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval regarding shared online poker player pools.

Christie confirmed that he is talking to Sandoval regarding pooling up poker players, as both states have had a difficult time attracting large amounts of players to their virtual tables.

Nevada had previously teamed up with Delaware to offer shared player pools, which is expected to go into effect later this year or early in 2015.

Sharing poker players between New Jersey and Nevada should be relatively easy, although the Garden State has implemented a "bad actor" provision, which keeps foreign operators who offered bets to Americans after the UIGEA was implemented from offering their services. Such a measure has not been taken up in Nevada, meaning that certain operators may not be able to participate in interstate action.