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Cancer Survivor Takes Home $631,421 at Club World Casino

Earlier this week a lucky punter went on a big winning streak at Club World Casino, taking home $631,421 after surviving a bout with cancer.

The big winner is Susan, and she ended up going on an amazing lucky streak where she ended up taking home $631,421 while playing Goldbeard and Mayan Queen. She did this without taking home any progressive jackpots, instead riding multiple winning streaks to the top.

Susan is fortunate in more ways than one, though. She recently won a two year battle with cancer and ended up having heart surgery. The big win will allow her to pay off her medical bills and existing debt with plenty left to spare.

Commenting on her big win Susan said, “I usually don't win big at all, maybe $1000 or so,. When I hit that magic combo and my balance soared and didn't stop I was in shock!”

“A few hours later, I was having trouble sleeping and thought I would play a little more. Then my balance more than doubled!!! I was only trying to win the $11,000 jackpot and then...wow!”

"Over the past two years, I have struggled to survive cancer and just recently heart surgery. But I was not surviving the medical bills. Now I can begin a new life without any debt. And I’m going to take my husband and daughter to Disney World!”

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