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Betfair Chided for Misleading Advertising in UK

UK betting exchange Betfair has been ruled against by the UK Advertising Standards Authority, noting that the company's money back promise was misleading.

Ads that ran afoul of the UK ASA included one that read: 2014 Wimbledon first bet only money back if Murray wins". This was considered to be misleading because Betfair did not inform punters that losing bets only received a free bet token.

For their part Betfair argued that the ads were restricted by advertising space, and claimed that the term "Money Back" is understood by the average punter. Furthermore, the company argued that a popup ad, which revealed the specifics of the free bet token.

The ASA ruled against Betfair though, noting that the terms were not immediately clear to customers, and that the offending ads may not be used again.

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