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BetButler Appoints InsolvePlus to Handle Claims

Former online betting site BetButler has announced that it has hired the firm InsolvePlus to handle its financial affairs after it closed its online casino and had its UK gaming license revoked.

InsolvePlus will handle player claims and distribute funds appropriately for BetButler, who reportedly owes punters more than £500,000.

BetButler sold its online player database to Momaco for £1, and the firm is claiming that nobody will lose any of their funds as a result.

“BetButler’s customers and their balances have been sold to Momaco who will honour their balances and no-one will lose any money," former BetButler Director William Rollason said.

Former customers of BetButler thinking they are owed money can contact InsolvePlus at sylwia@insolveplus.com to file a claim.