PPA Exec: Federal Poker Solution Not Likely to Happen

This story was published more than 8 years ago.

The Executive Director of the Poker Players Alliance has written an op-ed for Yogonet in which he claims that a federal solution for online poker likely will not happen, claiming that a state-by-state resolution is most likely.

John Pappas wrote the piece for the gambling publication in which he made the case that because of partisanship in Congress and the successes of individual states in forming online poker legislation that such a federal bill is not likely to get passed.

“Fractured by ongoing partisanship and the typical stagnation of an election year, the United States Congress today can be best defined by its inaction rather than action,” Pappas claims. “As such, the prospects for federal legislation to license and regulate online poker in the near future are slim, drawing attention instead to the states, where progress is more promising.”

Instead, Pappas feels that other states are beginning to take a hard look at online poker, and will more than likely take up their own bills when the times come. He then goes on to give credit to regulated European countries who tax and regulate the activity, noting the several positive impacts it has had on society.

Pappas also blasts Las Vegas Sands owner Sheldon Adelson in the column, noting the billionaire's contradictory views on mobile gambling. “Mr. Adelson has contributed a great deal of money, time and effort into thwarting efforts to pass federal and state legislation to license and regulate online poker. He has even gone as far as to facilitate the introduction of federal legislation which would reverse an interpretation by the Department of Justice which allows states to make their own decisions on legislation."

“Though he claims his efforts are motivated by societal concerns, his own casino offers online and mobile gambling. Until recently, the Venetian website, owned by Mr. Adelson, boasted, “Is there anything you can’t do on a smartphone or tablet nowadays? Mobile Casino Gaming is available to you on property during your stay, and you can even play from your room!” According to his logic, mobile gambling is only safe in a room he can charge you for.

“Wherever his true motives lie, Mr. Adelson’s argument continues to be whittled away by the fact that prohibition will not protect U.S. citizens. Internet gaming regulations in other countries, and those proposed here in the U.S., are significantly more restrictive than regulations on the very brick-and-mortar casinos that have contributed to his considerable wealth.”

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