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New Land Casino Game Offers $1 Million Jackpot

A new slot game in a Maryland casino is making news for offering a $1 million jackpot... if you are willing to wager $500 per spin.

The new game is being offered by Maryland Live casino, which appears to be a traditional 3-reel slot that offers the staggering prize. The stakes for the big jackpot are astronomical though, requiring players to risk $500 per spin in order to take home the large sum.

While the amount of money potentially won at the game is huge, it really isn't absurd when you consider that the win is only 2,000 times the wager amount. The estimated losses for the game could easily surpass $12,000 per hour on the game if you played straight through.

The game went live over the weekend, but there have not been any reports as to whether the sole machine is seeing any action or not.