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Details on Latest WinADay Jackpot Win Revealed

A few weeks ago we reported that WinADay's progressive jackpot was won, and the casino today revealed details on the $226,053 win, which was taken on the Slot 21 game.

The big winner is Sacha K from Germany, who ended up betting over the $5 limit to be eligible for the jackpot. The win is the fifth for the casino's proprietary progressive jackpot in roughly the last year, and Sacha's is one of the largest ever taken on the site.

Commenting on the win Sacha said, “I’ve never ever been this lucky before. I’ve won some small prizes in the past but never this big. I only gamble occasionally so it was a huge surprise.”

“We haven’t decided what to do with the money yet -- we’re still trying to actually believe that we won! We know we did as it was confirmed by the casino, but it’s just so unbelievable. We have been talking about all sorts of investments. One thing we know is we won't be spending it all at once.”

“When I realized what I’d won I started jumping around and shouting random words of excitement, the jumping then turned into weird dance moves. My amazing wife came running when she heard me shouting then she danced along with me.”

Continuing on about his win Sacha said, “I like Slot 21 – it’s like playing slots and cards at the same time. I also enjoy Vegas Mania, Hold the Riches, Sands of Gold.”

“My advice to other slots players is to play to enjoy the games. Don't go overboard, stick to your set budget and you will enjoy it. If a game doesn't seem to be hot, try a different one.”

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