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CMK Gaming Designing Digital Pachinko Game

CMK Gaming International has announced that it has teamed up with developer Route 1 Games to design an online pachinko game that can be played on mobile devices.

The game is being designed for land based use, and will likely go into the group's Salt Lake City pachinko parlor. CMKI was not originally a gaming company, making it big in the US oil drilling business. That changed when the group acquired CMK Gaming out of Nevada.

Commenting on the app CMK CEO Shana Weiner said, "We are very excited to work with Route 1 Games. We have great respect for their work. Since the announcement of our first U.S. pachinko parlor, there has been a growing amount of excitement surrounding our games, we hope this mobile app will provide customers a taste of what is in store when we open our pachinko parlor in Salt Lake City."