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Christie Vetoes Sports Betting Bill

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has decided to veto a bill that would legalize sports betting in his home state after the state's legislature overwhelmingly passed the bill in both chambers.

Christie used his veto power while also explaining the although he wants to see New Jersey being allowed to participate in sports betting, the various rulings against his state in federal court on another attempt to legalize sports betting have made it clear that the current federal law is too strong to overturn.

Christie is reportedly weighing a run for the US Presidency in 2016, and it is possible that his national run is influencing his take on sensitive state matters, as he does not want to upset political donors or lobbyists.

State Senator Ray Lesniak, who pushed the bill to overwhelming support claimed that the Governor's decision will continue to damage the state's ailing betting industry. It is possible that Lesniak will now try to persuade the legislature to challenge the Governor's veto.

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