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Bet365 Sued By Australian Consumer Group

UK based betting firm Bet365 has been sued by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), which is claiming the betting group misled players about promotions.

The ACCC claims that Bet365 did not disclose all of the conditions of the deals, and additionally made players risk more money on events with high odds.

Bet365 reportedly tried to amend its actions when it was brought up by the group, but the ACCC still decided to press the matter to make the case public. Opening arguments are set for October, as the ACCC is seeking monetary penalties to Bet365.

Commenting on the case the ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said, "The online betting industry is a growing business sector," he said. "The Australian Consumer Law applies to this sector in the same way that it applies to other industries and sectors. The Consumer Law also requires that any conditions, limitations or restrictions should be made clear to the consumer before the purchase rather than after a consumer has been unfairly enticed into a transaction."

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