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NetPlayTV Financials Perk up in Second Quarter

Internet betting firm NetPlay TV plc has released its second quarter financial results, noting increases in depositing players and overall revenue.

Key financial indicators for the second quarter were:

  • 38 percent increase in new depositing players to 20,607 (Q2 2013: 14,906)

  • 33 percent increase in quarterly active depositing players to 37,691 (Q2 2012: 28,261)

  • 5 percent increase in total net revenue to GBP 7.4 million (Q2 2013: GBP 7.1 million)

  • Over 50 percent of all new customer registrations have come from mobile or tablet

The quarter showed strong performance in mobile and tablet betting, with more than 36% of the company's revenues coming from the platform. Additionally, more than 50% of all new clients signed up using their mobile device.

Moving forward, NetPlayTv is planning to deal with the UK's point of consumption tax, and is considering spots to base its operations among other strategies.

The next set of financial results is due for release on September 11th.