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European Commission Submits Player Protection Recommendations

The European Commission has submitted a list of recommendations for European Union member states which would help protect players who partake in online gambling.

The recommendations by the European Commission are geared toward supplying information toward players, cracking down on money laundering opportunities, and tasking states with conducting risk assessments.

Currently more than 12% of all gambling in Europe is done via the internet, with more than 6.8 million people partaking in the activity.

Recommendations submitted by the E.C. include:

  • A need to ensure that citizens in EU member states - especially minors - are made aware of the risks entailed in gambling online, and that responsible efforts are made by operators to effectively communicate a cohesive responsible gaming message;

  • To ensure that online gamblers are given information that provides greater clarity and an assurance that the legitimate sites on which they choose to play have satisfactory safeguards in place regarding age and identity verification and appropriate registration controls.

  • Operators have an obligation to adopt measures that mitigate the risks attached to online gambling, particularly in the area of problem gamblers.

  • There must be stringently applied anti-money laundering measures.

  • EU member states will be required to conduct risk assessment at the national level.