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Bitcoin Powered "Satoshi Poker" Closes Down

The owner of Bitcoin powered online poker site Satoshi Poker has announced his decision to close down the site due to disagreements between him and a developer.

Brandon Casten's Antigua based Open Source Industries Limited issued a statement announcing the closure, and ended up referring players to BurnTurn.eu, another site that Casten owns.

Bart Von Oort, a developer who helped develop the site's gaming platform claims that Casten violated terms of the contract between him and the Satoshi Poker owner, saying that Casten failed to meet obligations related player payments. Casten claims that Von Oort left the software in bad shape, which closed irregularities related to customer accounts.

The spat has gone public, with both parties visiting online forums to vent their frustrations.

The statement released by an Open Source Industries Spokesman said, "When BurnTurn goes live (very soon), all verified accounts will be credited for instant withdrawal."

"All account balances will be honored on BurnTurn and available as soon as we launch. The BurnTurn software is 100 percent open source and we have developed it ourselves, so its performance has our full confidence and we hope to earn yours as well. Again, we apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience."

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