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UK Gambling Commission Releases Latest Industry Stats

The UK Gambling Commission has released its annual set of gambling statistics, noting that the gambling industry in the UK was worth more than £6.7 billion.

Industry statistics released by the Commission revealed:

  • Total gross gambling yield (GGY) of almost GBP 6.7 billion...an increase of GBP 252 million on the previous reporting period between April 2012 and March 2013.

  • Terrestrial sports gambling is still tops, creating GGY of GBP 3.3 billion, or 48 percent of total GGY in the reporting period.

  • Terrestrial casino gambling generated GBP 1.1 billion in GGY, or 16 percent of the market.

  • Remote gambling generated a similar amount (slightly less than GBP 1.1 billion) and commands a further 16 percent of the total market.

  • The Commission notes that the remote gambling sector showed a significant GBP 127 million rise over the previous reporting period, almost doubling the revenues generated between April 2009 and March 2010.

  • The terrestrial arcade and bingo sectors fared less well, ecording declined in GGY.

  • Despite extensive negative media coverage suggesting Britain Is being over-supplied with High Street betting shops, the figures show that licensed betting offices actually declined by 45.

  • The industry as a whole employs 104,137 people, a decline of 3 percent on the previous reporting period.