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PokerStars Teams Up With MC Hotdog In Rap Album

Internet poker giant PokerStars is reportedly assisting Taiwanese rapper MC Hot Dog in the production of his new album, which features a song dubbed "PokerStar".

The assistance of the poker firm is evident in the single's music video, which features Hot Dog playing poker at a PokerStars table along with several other "high rollers". Additionally, Hot Dog can be seen playing poker online, using his PokerStars.net alias "mc_hotdog" to battle it out with other punters.

Commenting on his playing experience, MC Hot Dog said, "I enjoy playing poker. I love the competitive mind-sport aspect of the game. Playing on PokerStars allows me to compete with other players anytime and anywhere, no matter if I'm on the road touring between concerts or back at home."

PokerStars is ramping up the promotion of the single by allowing punters in Taiwan to play Hot Dog in a poker tournament, which will feature more than $19,000,000 TWD in prize money.

Those interested in watching PokerStar can do so below:

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