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Player Hits Everybody's Jackpot For $386,809

On Saturday a punter playing Playtech's Everybody's Jackpot took home a large $386,809 jackpot, marking the fifth six-figure win that the game has awarded in the last four weeks.

Details on the win have not been made available by Playtech or the casino that the jackpot was won at, but we can confirm that the win did occur, and is the sixteenth that we have picked up for the game.

Everybody's Jackpot is unique in that it awards 70% of the jackpot total to the punter who hit it, and doles out the remaining 30% to punters who spun the reels in the 24 hours preceding the big win.

Casino Listings will update this story as more developments arise.

UPDATE: As we went to press with this story it was revealed that Everybody's Jackpot was hit yet again, this time yielding a large $113,484 jackpot. This certainly appears to be the game that keeps on giving!

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