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Paddy Power World Cup Stunt A Hoax

Irish betting firm Paddy Power's marketing team has struck again, causing a stir in the UK media after it revealed a stunt in which it deforested the Brazilian rainforest... which proved to be an elaborate hoax!

Paddy Power's initial releasing of the message, which read: "C'mon England!" drew lots of fury from environmentalists and citizens around the world, who were upset about the de-forestation of the rain forest. In fact, the stunt was a photoshop, which saw the manipulation of more than 1.5 million trees.

Paddy Power commented on the matter in a statement, which read: "We knew we'd drop off a fair few Christmas card lists yesterday, but we couldn't resist a bit of fake Twitter mischief to highlight an important issue to football fans as our World Cup warm-up. At least it gave people something to get animated about during last night's England-Honduras bore fest."

The Irish betting firm is reportedly working with Greepeace to help save the rainforest, which is being destroyed at an alarming rate.

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