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New Jersey Will Continue Sportsbetting Fight

The state of New Jersey is set to continue its fight for legalized sportsbetting within its borders, as an influential state Senator is set to introduce a bill that would decriminalize the act.

State Senator Ray Lesniak will introduce a bill that would decriminalize the act within New Jersey borders, in direct contradiction to US federal law. The federal government could choose to intervene, but Lesniak feels that the government would not, as they have chosen not to enforce marijuana laws in states that have legalized the use of the drug.

Commenting on the upcoming bill Lesniak said, “I expect that the U.S. Justice Department will refrain from intervening, as they have with Colorado and Washington when those states legalized marijuana."

New Jersey citizens voted to legalize sportsbetting in a ballot initiative, which was then immediately challenged by the federal government and major US sports leagues. Earlier this week the US Supreme Court struck down the sportsbetting bill, saying it violates existing federal laws.

This new bill would have to pass both houses of the New Jersey Legislature and then would head to Governor Chris Chritie's desk for signing into law.