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John Daly Claims To Have Lost $90 Million Gambling

US professional golfer John Daly is claiming that he lost nearly $90 million gambling during a fifteen year period and only recouped $35 million in wins, with a sizable amount of his losses coming at the blackjack table.

Daly told gossip website TMZ that he struck up the staggering losses playing blackjack and betting on sports between 1992 and 2007.

"It shocked me," the former PGA Champion told the site regarding his reaction when he found out about his net losses.

How does one rack up such a large loss while gambling? "I would play 7 hands at one time," Daly said.

Notable for his long drives and rowdy behavior, Daly claims to have traveled the world, gambling at high-end resorts and putting up large stakes at the tables.

Despite the staggering loss, the golfer put his losses in perspective, saying: "Man, I had a great time."