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167 Punters Bet on Suarez Bite: Are Rewarded Handsomely

167 punters throughout the world were handsomely rewarded when Uruguayan body chomper Luis Suarez bit the shoulder of Italian footballer Giorgio Chiellini during a match earlier this week.

Punters throughout the world took the somewhat risky bet before the tournament was underway, and saw massive returns on their wagers, many of which were placed at online sportsbooks. Sites such as Betsson were offering odds of 175 to 1 on Suarez taking a piece of an opponent.

One of the bets ended up going viral, when a Swedish punter won 5,600 kroner ($912 USD) on a 32 kroner bet and then proceeded to post a picture of his win on Twitter.

A pic of the win is available for viewing below:

As of press time, Casino Listings has not found a betting site that is taking bets on the length of any potential Suarez suspension.

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