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US Navy Admiral Punished For Fake Chip Case

An Admiral in the US Navy has been punished after an investigation regarding his usage of a fake chip at the Horseshoe Casino in Iowa last year wrapped up, seeing him demoted but escaping court-martial.

Rear Admiral Timothy Giardina was found to have used the fraudulent chip at the Iowa casino last year, and then lied to investigators who were looking into the case. At the time of the crime, Giardina was the Deputy Commander for the US Strategic Command in Nebraska, which is responsible for the country's nuclear missile systems.

Giardina decided to accept the punishment of a demotion and the forfeiture of $4,000 in pay, rather than contesting his case through a court-martial, which could have resulted in jail time or expulsion from the US Navy.

Before this incident, Giardina had an exemplary record, with no discipline issues in his 34 year career.

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