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New Jersey Online Casinos Lacking In Player Satisfaction

For all of the hype about how New Jersey online casinos would bring a great casino experience to players' homes, the state's online casinos seem to be lacking in the customer satisfaction department.

That is the claim laid following a survey by Clarion Gaming, who revealed that 62% of online gamblers in New Jersey feel that the Garden State's online casino operators are slow to respond to player issues. This lack of customer service may help explain some of the high customer drop off that cyber casinos have seen.

The survey was conducted for Clarion by GiGse Consumer Insights Group, and the company's Spokesman Jim Quigley was quick to point out the casinos' collective failures.

"The operators have all been in the online business via their experienced partners and to see that 88 percent of respondents answered 7 or less out of 10 is shocking," Quigley said. "The fact that 13 percent of respondents gave it a 1 and only 12 percent gave it 8 or better may be why so many people have signed up to play but now no longer play

Expanding into the importance of customer support, GiGSE Consumer Insights Group Marketing Specialist Fred Buro said, "Consumers in the online space deem “poor performance” of any website or online process unforgivable – and are not shy about demonstrating their frustrations with slow load times, poor content, payments processing problems, and sign-up hurdles, with a simple “click’ way to a competitor – they won’t come back, and they tell all their friends not to visit."

"Customer service works for you when you average 9 or better, and severely less against you when it is anything less".

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