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National Governors Association Opposes Online Gambling Ban

United States based organizational body the US National Governors Association has come out in opposition to the Graham-Chaffetz bills which would outlaw online gambling in the USA.

The group made its opposition clear in a letter that it wrote to the Legislative Branch of the US government this week, noting that the issue is a state one, not a federal one.

The sharply worded letter read: "The nation's governors are concerned with legislation introduced in Congress that would ban online Internet gaming and Internet lottery sales because it challenges the federal-state relationship."

"The regulation of gaming is an issue that has historically been addressed by the states."

"Regardless of whether governors are in favor of offering gaming - through whatever form - within their own states, decisions at the federal level that affect state regulatory authority should not be made unilaterally without state input."

"A strong, cooperative relationship between the states and federal government is vital to best serve the interests of all citizens."

The Graham-Chaffetz bill seeks to change the language of the Wire Act in order to outlaw internet gambling in the United States. Currently, the federal government holds that the Wire Act only applies to sportsbetting, leaving online poker and casino game regulation up to the discretion of individual states.

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