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Judge Sentences UK Woman For Stealing From Mother To Gamble

A 54 year old woman was sentenced to four years in prison after she was found guilty of stealing money from her elderly mother in order to gamble.

Abbi Kinsella got the heavy sentence handed to her by Stafford Crown Court Judge Mark Eades, who ripped into the defendant during sentencing, noting how the defendant was a serial liar who enjoyed living large on the money she stole.

“You betrayed your mother’s trust in a callous and unfeeling fashion. You bled her finances dry," the Judge said.

“You lied and lied and lied and lied and as each lie was demonstrated to be false you lied upon lie. You are a serial liar who has no conscience at all."

“You enjoyed living way beyond your means. you had a win on the lottery, you won a substantial sum that you got through very quickly and I dare say you enjoyed the freedom that win gave you."

“But when that money ran out, it strikes me; you had difficulty coming to terms with the position you were in before your win.”

Kinsella was convicted of stealing £61,000 from her mother over the course of three years. She lost all of the money gambling, and now her mother finds herself in an elderly care home as she was evicted from her previous residence for lack of payment.

Kinsella had no comment and was emotionless as she was escorted to jail.