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HSBC Begins Blocking Gambling Transactions

Worldwide banking giant HSBC has announced that they will now start blocking online gambling transactions on their bank cards, according to the Malta Independent.

The banning on the transactions is reportedly set to go into effect at the beginning of June, and is being implemented because of concern over unlicensed gambling throughout the world.

The mega-bank has apparently been declining gambling transactions for several months, but did not comment on the matter until the Malta Independent asked for a statement on the issue. The move was also not made public within the company either, as several reps were not aware of the blockade on the transactions.

Speaking to the paper HSBC Public Affairs Manager David Hall explained the bank's stance on a lack of contact on the issue, noting: “We did not issue a press release [on the ban]. If you have an illegal site and you put out a notice saying you won’t allow transactions involving an illegal site, it would be perverse.”

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