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Full Flush Poker Cuts Services To Delaware, New Jersey, Nevada

Internet poker provider Full Flush Poker has announced that it has withdrawn from the states of Delaware, New Jersey, and Nevada, which all feature regulated online gaming.

Speaking as to why the the move was made, a Full Flush Poker Spokesperson said: “We have taken this action in order to ensure that the vast majority of our customers, who do not reside in New Jersey, Nevada, or Delaware, continue to have access to our site and to enjoy playing the game that they love without disruption or inconvenience."

Players who use the site will be sent emails complete with directions on how to withdraw their positive balances. The stoppage of services begins immediately.

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11 June 2014 - 4:32pm

This is scary! The only reason to pull out of these states is because they aren't complying with the regulations. Why should we think this is a fair site if they refuse to operate in the only 3 states that are trying to ensure fairness? I was about to join this site but, after playing online for 8 years, I'm convinced more than ever that web based gambling is a scam.

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13 June 2014 - 12:56am

I don't think that is the only, or even the major reason. Applying for a license to operate in these states is a costly process, which is good as it deters the small time underfunded operators, but it also means that once licensed they can only accept players from those states. On the other hand they can find themselves in legal trouble if they continue to accept players from those states while unlicensed. So the site has to make the choice between Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware only, or everywhere else in America. For most sites that currently accept Americans, I would guess that the economically better choice is to not get licensed and block those states. Even if they tried to get a license the authorities are unlikely to view them favourably because of their continued acceptance of Americans, a case in point being Pokerstars. Notice the sites that are licensed are generally not the ones that continued to accept American players in recent years.

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