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Adelson's Banning Attempt Gets More Backfire

Backlash against the attempts to ban online gambling by billionaire curmudgeon Sheldon Adelson continued to stream in throughout the weekend, as various publications published op-eds in favor of regulation.

The pieces made their appearances in The Washington Post and Spartanburg Herald Journal, in which the authors both pointed out that outlawing something with a strong amount of demand simply presses consumers toward an unregulated black market.

Competitive Enterprise Institute Fellow Michelle Minton was one of the article authors. In her piece she wrote: "Politicians supporting Sheldon Adelson’s proposed online gambling ban claim to want to protect the poor and children and to prevent crime. But if they truly cared about these issues rather than getting in Mr. Adelson’s good graces, they would reject such a ban."

Minton went on to point out the hypocrisy of Adelson's position by pointing out that two of his properties in Las Vegas offer mobile sports betting apps.

Summarizing her point at the end of her article Minton opines: "As with buying lottery tickets, the decision to gamble online ought to be left up to individuals. Its regulation ought to be decided by the states, not Congress - and certainly not by a casino magnate."

Another pro-online gambling journalist Evan Mulch wrote a piece in which he recounted a time in which he asked Senator Lindsey Graham on his association with Adelson, noting how it was strange that Graham voiced his opinion on banning online gambling after a fundraising trip to meet the billionaire.

Mulch goes on to state that he believes banning online gambling is bad in terms of economic impact, and says that he takes umbrage with the fact that an Adelson lawyer helped craft the current bill that would ban internet gambling.

The blowback on Adelson's attempt to outlaw internet gambling in the United States is growing over the past few weeks, as Libertarian and members from both the Republican and Democrat side of the aisle are speaking out against the bill, including the negative consequences that would come as a result.

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