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Report: US Gambling Lobbyists Chose Position Based On Pay

A report by Nevada based gambling journalist Jon Ralston is claiming that US lobbyists in the United States chose their position on cyber betting regulation based on the amount of money they were paid by groups.

Ralston claims that former California Congresswoman Mary Bono is among the offenders, who he claims considered joining Adelson's Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling before suddenly reversing course and joining the pro-online gambling Coalition for Consumer and Online Protection.

Bono isn't the only one to come out of the article looking tarnished though, as Ralston also reported that lobbying firm Dickstein Shapiro offered to join pro-online gambling casino Caesars Entertainment for $35,000 per month.

For that fee, Dickstein Shapiro reportedly offered to "define the Adelson campaign for what it is: a self-interested attempt to protect his interests by imposing ill-advised and unnecessary legal barriers to on-line gaming under the guise of consumer protection."

Caesars ended up rejecting that proposal, and now Dickstein Shapiro is working for Adelson's group.

Those interested in reading the whole report can do so at: http://www.ralstonreports.com/blog/former-rep-mary-bono-flirted-adelson-...

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