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Putin Wants Crimea To Be Gambling Paradise

Russian President Vladimir Putin has big plans for the Crimean Peninsula, stating that the wants to use the recently annexed area to become a gambling destination for his country.

Russia currently has high restrictions on betting within its borders, only allowing for casinos to be operated within four different areas. All of those spots are far from Moscow, making it inconvenient for punters to make their way out there.

Crimea would be one of the closest regions if it were cleared to offer gambling, as it is about 850 miles from Moscow. The fact that the area rests upon the Black Sea also makes it an attractive tourist destination, as temperatures are much more tolerable than much of Russia.

Crimea has been a hotspot of political strife recently, as the peninsula's residents voted to break away from the Ukraine in order to become part of Russia. The move has sparked outrage from several Western European countries as well as the United States, sparking tensions with Russia that haven't been seen since the Cold War.

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