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Polish Payment Processing Laws Weakened

Poland has seen a restrictive policy that limits payment processing relaxed, allowing other European companies to offer payment options for Polish punters.

The restrictions were relaxed in order to bring Poland in line with European Union policy, which dictates the free flow of money with its member countries. Because of the move, companies such as Neteller, Skrill, and other processors can operate, giving online casinos and poker sites the opportunity to reach Polish players.

The European Commission began infringement proceedings against Poland last fall regarding the matter, and it appears that the country wanted to resolve the issue, rather than let the case play out.

Most online betting is technically illegal in Poland, as the country does not allow for casino or poker games to be conducted over the internet. The only current legal method of online betting is sports wagering, which can only be offered by four firms.

That has not stopped Polish gamblers from using offshore sites, though. A recent study estimated that the online gambling industry is worth €1.5 billion, and that 91% of that comes from offshore sites.