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New Jersey Politicians Blast Federal Attempt To Ban Online Gambling

Democrat politicians in new Jersey blasted the attempts by federal politicians to ban online gambling in the United States by changing the wording of the Wire Act.

Speaking out against the bill were New Jersey Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto and State Senator Ray Lesniak, who said that the issue is a state one and not a federal matter.

"It is disappointing that certain elements are working to dismantle New Jersey's landmark internet gambling law," said Sweeney. “We have quickly become a national leader in the world of internet gambling, and we simply cannot afford to have all our hard work and effort undone by the whims of a few down in Washington."

Lesniak added: "Instead of a dangerous, overseas black market, consumers in the state of New Jersey have a safe place to go – a program that not only includes essential consumer protections, but also generates thousands of dollars in revenue."

Online gambling in the United States is currently under fire from Senator Lindsey Graham and Representative Jason Chaffetz, who have introduced a bill that would change the language of the Wire Act, effectively outlawing online gambling in the United States.

It is widely thought that the pro-ban politicians are being influenced by gambling magnate Sheldon Adelson, who uses his fortune to buy political influence by donating heavily to Republican representatives. Adelson has stated in the past that he will do everything he can to get online gambling outlawed.