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Nevada Gambling Revenues Rise In March

The state of Nevada saw its gambling industry rebound in March, with revenues increasing 7.6% for the period.

For the month Nevada casinos brought in $982.2 million in revenue, with the biggest contributor being the Las Vegas Strip, which brought in $560.7 million (up 10.9%).

Baccarat winnings for the month was up 39.9% when compared to March of lat year, while craps revenue was up 36%, and blackjack revenue was up 6.1%.

Slots brought in 3.8 more than in March of 2013.

Casinos in Las Vegas performed much better for the month as the casino had a winning margin of 14.47%, up significantly from 10.25% in March 2013.

Tax revenues for the Silver State were also up significantly in March, as coffers were boosted 7.39% to $84.1 million.

The rise in revenues comes after January and February results were down 2.7% and 13.7% respectively. It is unknown whether the results are a fluke, or the start of a more positive trend for the struggling gambling industry.

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