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Credit Card Rejections Hamper New Jersey Online Betting

Punters located within the state of New Jersey are having trouble depositing at the state's legal online casinos, with only 44-46% of credit card transactions being accepted by the card companies.

The revealing statistic came from CAMS LLC CEO Mark Katz, who said that the rejections of deposits is the biggest thing holding back online gambling in the Garden State. CAMS processes payments for the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino, Trump Taj Mahal, and Borgata resorts.

Katz' view was backed up by New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement Deputy Attorney General Mary Jo Flaherty, who said: "New Jersey patrons continue to experience difficulties in use of their personal credit and debit card accounts in funding individual Internet gaming accounts. (The DGE)...continues to work directly with financial institutions, banks and credit card companies and relevant regulators and authorities with respect to the legality of online gaming where authorized as in New Jersey, as well as regarding the appropriateness of payment processing for legalized online gaming."

MasterCard is the best choice for New Jersey punters depositing at the casino, with 73% of attempts approved. Visa is successful with just 44% of charges, while Discover and Amercian Express did not have their numbers reported.