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Antigua Expresses Frustration At WTO Over Online Gambling Judgment

The Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda showed its frustration at the World Trade Organization last week, chiding the trade body for failing to enforce a judgment against the USA over banning online gambling.

Antigua took the step of reading a statement to the WTO in which it revealed its frustration of not getting paid money that it is owed by the USA, which it was awarded by the WTO after the trade body found that America's ban on online gambling were unfair and discriminatory.

The USA originally was ordered to pay $21 million in damages several years ago, but has failed to do so. Currently that figure stands at $150 million when interest is included.

Antigua's statement says that the USA's ability to not meet its obligations without facing consequences makes the WTO lose credibility and makes it appear that bigger countries court favor with the group.

In the past, Antigua has threatened to offer pirated US intellectual properties such as movies and music to its citizens as an alternative if payment is not issued by the Americans. It is unclear whether this statement is a prelude to any such act.

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