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€3,292,891 Arabian Nights Jackpot Won At Paf

Two days ago our exclusive jackpot tracker ended up scoring the win of a lifetime for a lucky punter, when they picked up a large €3,292,891 win while playing Arabian Nights at Paf Casino.

Paf has confirmed that the lucky winner was a 50 year old woman from the south of Finland, who hit the winning spin while playing at the casino and preparing dinner for her family at the same time.

The multi-tasking winner was quoted as saying "I decided to put some money on Paf as a little Friday treat for myself. While the rest of the family sat and tapped away on their cell phones, out in the kitchen I thought it might be fun to play while I cooked dinner."

Arabian Nights is a popular video slot that has a history of paying out large jackpots. Within the past year, we have recorded four large multi-million dollar wins for the game.

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