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Ystats Releases Study On European Online Gambling

German research firm Ystats has released a survey in which it detailed online betting habits for the whole of Europe.

Dubbed the “Europe Online Gaming Market 2014”, the survey reached the conclusion that Europeans gamble online more than any other region in the world. The UK tops that list, with 20% of the population betting online, although Germans spend the most per month on the activity.

PCs are still popular for online betting, but mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are picking up steam, with half of UK tablet owners playing online casino games last year. Germans and French punters prefer PCs to gamble online, while Belgians are transitioning heavily toward mobile devices.

The fastest growing gambling markets in Europe were Poland and Turkey, who both saw online betting grow rapidly in 2013. As an example of this growth, more than 20 million punters played online betting games in Turkey last year.

Russia is also a burgeoning online betting market, seeing 20% growth in bets last year, with the high potential for mobile betting not being realized yet. Researchers in the study say that mobile punters could number 60 million by 2016.