US Politician Pens Op-Ed In Favor Of Online Gambling

This story was published more than 10 years ago.

A former US politician and FBI agent penned an op-ed piece in The Hill newspaper in which he voiced support for Internet betting regulation.

Michael Oxley, a Former US Representative from Ohio said that regulating online gambling would protect US gamblers, and that prohibition is the wrong way to tackle the issue. Oxley argued that prohibition would expose Americans to money laundering, fraud, and theft, as players would be subjected to playing at rogue casinos.

"The question isn’t whether or not Americans are participating in online gaming," Oxley wrote. "The consumer base is in the millions, and the revenue is in the billions on overseas black markets. The question is whether Congress banning all online gaming would make consumers more or less safe on the Internet."

"Before serving in Congress, I served our nation in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Based on my experiences, I can tell you that the proposed ban on online gaming would do nothing to stop the billions of dollars flowing through these black-market websites, which are often run by individuals the Justice Department says are engaged in serious criminal activity. Prohibition of that type didn’t work with alcohol, and it won’t work with the Internet today."

Citing examples in New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada, Oxley said that states have safely implemented online gambling with standards that protect from underage gambling and ensure fair play. Oxley wrote that it is not reasonable for Congress to repeal those laws, as they are already in place and generating revenue.

"Congress cannot reverse time or get rid of the Internet, Oxley claimed. "We need to be focused on keeping consumers, businesses, and families safe when engaging in online activities. That means utilizing the best available technology and the best safeguards, not blocking their use."

"I know my former colleagues in Congress want to keep American consumers and online activities safe. That’s why I know they’ll choose the right path and reject this misguided ban."

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