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New Jersey Self-Exclusion Bill Passes Through Assembly

A New Jersey state bill that would make it easier for punters to self-exclude themselves from online gambling sites passed through the State Assembly with a 77-0 vote.

The bill would allow punters to exclude themselves without admitting that they have a gambling problem, which the current bill does allow for. The bill would allow for punters to choose to exclude themselves for 1 year, 5 years, or a lifetime exclusion. The private list currently holds 1,575 names, and will continue to expand as the online gambling industry grows in the Garden State.

Commenting on the bill New Jersey Assemblyman Troy Singleton said: "This is simply another option for those who want to exclude themselves from New Jersey's gaming facilities, but don't want to concede a problem on an official document they fear may come back to haunt them down the road."

"Gambling addiction is a disease, and if this can help some people overcome their problem, it's a step in the right direction."

The bill will now go to the State Senate for debate and voting, and if it passes, will head to the desk of Governor Chris Christie, who could sign the bill into law.

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