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Man Who Stole To Gamble Online Given Probation

A UK Banker who stole money from senior citizens to gamble online and other purposes has been sentenced to probation for five years, escaping a lengthy jail term for his crimes.

Marc Burnett was employed at TSB Lloyds and stole £226,588 from older customers by facilitating fake withdrawals and moving the money to his own account over the course of five years.

The criminal would then use the money to gamble online, playing slots, roulette, and betting on football matches.

Burnett was exposed when he was on a two week holiday, and a fellow employee was tasked with overlooking his account. After being caught, Burnett admitted to his crimes and enrolled himself in Gamblers Anonymous meetings.

Handing down the sentence Court Recorder Jonathan Carroll said, "What you have done drives a dagger into the heart of the banking system and the trust that people need to feel in the banking system, that their money and rewards for hard work in life have been saved."

"For you, the bigger impact, the bigger punishment and the bigger payback to society is what will follow if I suspend the sentence, and I do suspend the sentence."

Case Prosecutor Phillip Evans added: "The victims of these offenses were people Mr Burnett was paid to advise, winning their confidence in a series of face-to-face meetings, telephone calls, at a time when he was swindling them out of their life savings."

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