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Las Vegas Sands Client Data Stolen During Hack Attack

A corporate filing by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation has revealed that sensitive customer information was stolen during a hacking attack last month, putting customer social security numbers, banking, and personal information at risk.

The revelations come in a filing by Sands to the Securities and Exchange Commission, which revealed that the hack did much deeper damage than initially reported. It is speculated that more than 40,000 people had their information stolen, although that number comprises of less than 1% of the corporation's total customer database.

Sands has reached out to customers who ay be affected by the attack, giving them a website as well as a telephone number that they can use to discuss the issue. Furthermore, the company will be giving out free credit monitoring and identity theft protection to affected visitors.

Sands is still investigating the hack and has not revealed the full extent of the damage created.