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Details Emerge On $159,357 Slotland Jackpot Win

Two weeks ago we reported that there was a large $159,357 jackpot won at internet jackpot Slotland. Today, the casino reported the details on the win, which took place on a mobile device.

The big winner is Johnathon E., who took the jackpot while playing the popular slot "Ice Queen" on his smartphone.

Commenting on his win Johnathon said, “I’ve been wanting an iPhone 5 and now I don’t think I need to deny myself any longer!”

The lucky winner has other plans as well, including finding a retirement home for his mom and buying some other items that suit his fancy.

“You know what I’d really like to do is hire a landscape architect to design the garden of my dreams,” the winner said. “Then, if there’s anything left, it’s time to replace my old Corolla with a new one.”

Slotland Casino Manager Michael Hilary also commented on the win, saying: “Ice Queen is our most popular game right now. That and the new Treasure Island. With so many people playing it I’m not surprised it’s produced another big winner so soon. Of course, could be that it’s just a loose and lucky slot!”

Slotland is an internet casino that is entirely browser based. The casino has been in operation since 1998 and has been offering its progressive jackpot for quite some time.

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