Blue Gem Takeover Of Sheriff Confirmed

As we reported a few weeks ago, a company known as Blue Gem Gaming is taking over the distribution of Sheriff Gaming titles, as Sheriff has recently been declared bankrupt.

Blue Gem Gaming confirmed the takeover of the distribution of the slots, which include "The Amsterdam Master Plan", and "Dr. Magoo's Adventures".

Recently some of Sheriff Gaming's executives have faced criminal investigation for money laundering and drug charges.

Commenting on the matter a Blue Gem Spokesperson said, “We are really excited to be positioning our team at the forefront of 3D game development within the online gaming industry. Over the last few years, we have worked incredibly hard to provide cutting edge games and we want to continue exceeding expectations within this field."

"The most precious commodity we have is our IP and we want to take this opportunity to let our partners know that we can be relied upon and trusted to work with them to create games that will engage with their players. This includes working closely with customers to help design and implement tailored promotions that will acquire and retain players. We are a small company that has until now remained in the background, however we are a team with a huge appetite for game development and we are very excited about our plans for our future."

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