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UK Online Betting Drops 2%

The UK Gambling Commission has released a new study that shows that the number of British citizens gambling fell 2% over the same period last year.

Other highlights of the study revealed:

  • 60% of male respondents had gambled online vs. 50% of female respondents.

  • 19% of males said they had participated in internet gambling in the past four weeks vs. 11% of females.

  • Overall, 55% of respondents said they had gambled online in the preceding four weeks - down from 57% in 2012.

  • 60% of male respondents who gambled online were between the ages of 35-65, whilst 62% of female remote gamblers were aged between 55-64.

  • The most active remote gamblers were in the 35 - 44 year age group - 22% women and 20% men.

  • Top gambling fave was the national lottery, where 43% of respondents participated, although only 16% said they bought their tickets online. Next favored was other lotteries (13%) and 10% on scratch cards.

  • Online or mobile facilities were preferred by spread betters.

  • 73% of punters said they had not gambled online; 16% said they had gambled in both 'live' betting and online wagering, and 11% said they had gambled only through remote channels.

  • Gamblers preferred to place their bets "in person" when it came to Bingo (80%); Dog Racing (75%); Spread Betting (84%) and Sports Betting (45%).