Study: Australians Lose The Most Money Gambling

A study released by The Economist reports that Australian punters gamble the most, and also lose the most at roughly A$1144 per resident every year.

The study was done by British consulting firm H2 Gambling Capital, who also went on to report that while Australia's per resident losses were the most in the world, the United States had the most losses as a nation with US$147.3 billion. H2 went on to predict that China will overtake the USA in this aspect by 2020.

After Australia, the H2 study reveals that the next two biggest gambling countries per resident are Singapore and Finland.

The result of the study was quickly pounced on by Australian Churches Gambling Taskforce Chairman Tim Costello said, "Gambling is just like eucalyptus oil - it's natural. But in Australia we've allowed gambling to proliferate more than anyone else in the world."

Australian neighbor country New Zealand has the fourth largest number of gamblers per capita in the study, with the average punter losing NZ$620 per person. These losses are racked up on non-casino gaming machines, casinos, and national lotteries.

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