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Steve Wynn Joins Sheldon Adelson In Anti-Online Gambling Push

A report by Nevada journalist Jon Ralston states that gambling executive Steve Wynn is joining fellow gaming magnate Sheldon Adelson in an attempt to ban online gambling within the United States.

Wynn, who owns the Las Vegas casino brand Wynn Resorts, will throw his support behind Adelson's "Coalition to Stop Online Gambling". Whether that support is financial or otherwise has not been reported.

Interestingly, Wynn Resorts was in contact with Absolute Poker to speak about a joint venture shortly before the events of Black Friday in 2011 and also holds a waiver that allows it to offer online gambling in New Jersey. Additionally, as late as last year Wynn said that he is neither for or against online gambling, and noted that banning the pas time is as impractical as the United States' failed prohibition of alcohol.

Speaking to Ralston on the issue Wynn said, “I end up agreeing with Sheldon.” He went on to state that he is against what he calls the US federal government's "insatiable appetite for revenue". Wynn also said that he fears underage gambling.

Mr. Wynn also said that he believes his stance on internet gambling is a moot point right now, as the US House of Representatives, Senate, and President Obama can't agree on passing any types of laws. “They can’t agree on anything, especially something this esoteric," he said.

Even with his current support of anti-gambling groups, Wynn said that he could change his opinion, as nothing is concrete with the issue of online gambling.

“It’s possible it could change," the billionaire said.