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Sands Hackers Got Tons Of Information

Hackers who attacked a variety of Las Vegas Sands websites last week reportedly got more information than first thought, as a YouTube video revealed that the group stole 828 gigs of information.

The eleven minute video was sent out to various media outlets and has since been taken down by YouTube, but revealed that they stole a large amount of company records.

Commenting on the hacking, Sands Spokesman Ron Reese said, " (the hackers)... reached at least some of the company’s internal drives in the US.”

Reese went on to say that the video is being looked at by investigators to determine how deep the hacking went, but went on to stress that he believes that the company's core systems were not touched.

The attack occurred last week when hackers crippled several webpages belonging to Las Vegas Sands. The attack was mounted in response to Sands Owner Sheldon Adelson's comments on the Middle East, where he advocated for a nuclear strike on Iran.

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